The Ministries

Kingdom Children’s Ministry

Our overall goal is to teach our youth how to come into the presence of the Lord and how to worship God in Spirit and Truth. We want them to leave us knowing how to use the word of God against the tricks of the enemy and that they are truly more than conquerors Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Educationally, Economically.

Youth Ministry Goals

Weekly Bible Study:
An informal gathering where the youth leaders get a chance to know the youth and to develop them in the Word of God.

Youth Trips:
We want to take our youth to conferences in order for them to see there are so many other young people striving for the same walk as them. To show them they are not alone.

Talent Shows:
An outlet for the youth to use their talents and abilities in the church environment and realize thechurch also has a place for their personal interests.

Youth Services:
Our goal is to take the youth during regular services and minister to them on a level that they can grasp.Youth services will be a chance for the congregation to see the spiritual growth of the youth.

Youth Fun Days:
Youth fun days are exactly what it says. It’s a day where the youth come together and have fun playing games and getting to know each other better.

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